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Sunday 14th February 2016,
Freestyle Session

Freestyle Session 2012 was a success!

Freestyle Session 2012 was a success!

Its takin me all day to even get up the energy to even get on the internet.  But surfing around and seeing pictures on peoples facebook as well as being tagged in congrats posts, twitter posts, instagram photos and a plethora of other social media outlets that usually take up alot of our lives I see nothing but positive things(with the exception of this one dude who didnt like how the Top Styles/All Styles comp was lol( ).  Anyways Congratulations to Skill Brat Renegades(Luigi, Casper and Kid David) for coming away with a well deserved victory in the 3 v3 Bboy/Bgirl Battle over Russia’s Top 9/All The Most.  Skill Brat Renegades walked away with over $10,000 in cash and prizes including an ASUS Zenbook, Munitio Headphones, 9Five Eye wear, Dyze One Clothing T-shirts, Flud Watches, Fokai Clothing duffle bag and snapback hat and ofcourse the coveted Freestyle Session X Starter Snapback w/Gold Threading exclusive to the 8 winners of the FSS Battles. Top 9 walked away with $2,000 in cash & prizes as well as the Top 4 finishers Dynasty Descendants walked away with $500 in cash & prizes each as well.  Mighty Zulu Kings(Greenteck, Devious & Frantick) walked away with the Top Status Popping title winning over $2,000 in cash & prizes from our sponsors and the newly added Top Styles/All Styles winners were the Les Twins out of France who walked with over $1,500 in cash & prizes.
Performances were amazing w/ Wildchild kicking it off Wildchild even brought out his son Baby Boogaloo who also helped him out with a few songs then he brought out Percee P the Rhyme Inspector who showed the bboys what Verbal Gymnastics is all about.  After that we had Los Angeles representative Bambu who came out of left field on the line up since his music isnt really specifically targeted towards the dancers.  I threw it in there to shake things up cause the homie Bambu backed by Dj Felt1 is always speaking on subjects that are going on around us.  Being some of his show was acapella it was amazing that he had alot of the dancers attention spitting the real about things going on around us, politics, the sterotypes out there & more.  After that we brought on stage Versa-Style which is a group of amazing young kids who represent the youth of Los Angeles.  The group of over 17 young dancers did there thing incorporating all dance styles into there program(  Then after that we had the much anticipated Groovaloos show with the return of Steelo(  The beginning intro damn near had me in tears seeing the video of him and his struggles the past year or so as well as the poetry of Charlie Smidt.  Then when Steelo broke out into some top rocks and eventually hit the ground for some footwork!  Steelo is the man.  Influenced me to get back into shape and get busy.  And to cap out the performances we had the legendary turntablist group Invisibl Skratch Piklz coming full circle to bring there stage show to the bboy roots that they came from.  Dj’s Shortkut, D-Styles and Q-Bert blew everyone away doing alot of material that hasnt been done together in YEARS!  Legendary performance to say the least….

Its hard to put into words exactly what I feel being a part of this for 15  years now.  All I can do really thank my team.  Lewis Kunstler of The Service Company(, Polo Molina & staff at Grassroots Productions, my Armory Massive soldiers, Paulskee of Mighty 4, The Bboy Spot/Biggest & Baddest for coming through in the clutch for printing our event shirts and sponsoring the event and always supporting above and beyond, Mason Rose for coming out from Hawaii on his own time to put together probably one of the sickest event clips EVER!(it hasnt even came out yet but Im already knowing!!!) Strife.TV for the coverage, the Dj’s of this years festivities Dj’s Charlie Rock, Element, Lean Rock, Kogataroo, Mane One, KidRiz, Abel, Shash’U & Kaistar.  Bionic Man holding down the Poppin/All Styles Room.   The judges Moy, Reveal, Mr Freeze, Flat Top, Dallace Double U, Slim Boogie, Pop Tart, Showtime, Loose Caboose & Ynot.  My family and my ofcourse my better half Melonie.  Club Nokia for letting the Hip Hop Culture in its purest form into there beautiful venue.  Much love to all the crews, spectators, media and dancers who have been with us from the start as well as the folks who came for the very first time.  Looking forward to bringing the bboy, hip hop and dance communities quality events for years to come.  Please add us on your twitter, facebook, instagram and whatever else to keep up with what we got going on.
See you at Freestyle Session 2013!!!

Be on the lookout for event footage by www.Strife.Tv

Photos by Loan from and Mike Sumoto(

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