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Thursday 11th February 2016,
Freestyle Session

Rest in Peace Break DJ LEACY….

Rest in Peace Break DJ LEACY….

Posted some of my favorite Break DJ Leacy mixes on the Freestyle Session mixcrate page.  Check it out here….

Also in the process learned of a dope page in remembrance of one of the greatest Break DJ’s to have graced the planet!

Check it out and cop some shirts or slip mats…..also available are mixes there as well!

Lets keep Dj Leacy’s legacy around forever y’all…..Rest in Peace


“Back in 1998 Pro Am met this tall lanky dj named Dj Leacy full of jokes and mad cool as soon as we met we instantly became fam. He was one of the dj’s there as well as the Battle of the Year and when he got on the entire jam really knew it. At the time alot of jams were playing electro funk stuff as well as hip hop it wasnt til Leacy really dug in to where it was when he played that people were like OK this is what it is! He had a set of Mix Tapes on tape that were just crazy. The scene has been inspired the world over by this man. He set the tone for all break dj’s to follow in the bboy scene.

Soon after I invited him to play at Freestyle Session 6. He blazed that stage like no tomorrow. This was in 2000. He also played at a few Freestyle Sessions in Europe as well like UK and Spain. Great times.

In 2003 when I first got down with the Armory it was around the era of Tapes being non existent and CD’s were allover. So I came up with the idea and hit Leacy to get all his classic Break Mixes from Tapes to CD to be released in the US in limited numbers…He was game and we got it together and the cd’s went like candy.

Unfortunately the following year we lost a great man. Dj Leacy passed away in an unfortunate accident.

Now over 9 years later figured I would throw them online to continue Leacy’s legacy. Download and enjoy and pass the good music along….”  –CROS1

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