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Thursday 11th February 2016,
Freestyle Session

Mighty 4 TV 5 Year Episode!

Mighty 4 TV 5 Year Episode!
I heard of Paulskeee back in the mid 90’s reading some Bay Area Scene reviews from him that he had posted on the internet when the internet was in its infancy literally from my college library.  A little while after AOL came out and reaching out to folks became a little more easier.  I forgot how I ended up talking to Paulskeee at first but we had alot of common threads amongst us we both wanted more for our breakin community at large and we both threw our first events exactly the same date. From there we built and gained a mutual respect for one another and our own scenes.  Bridging a gap from the southern scene of San Diego to the Bay Area.  And from there we went for more even introducing new dancers to his crew.  He rode along to Seattle for our first Freestyle Session Seattle and collabed to put together the first FSS San Francisco I also rolled with his crew to BOTY 1998 as well as the tour that followed which stopped at IBE 1998 where I filmed the Rock Force vs the Family Video as well as the Battle Royale in London that the big homie Dj Leacy put together which had legends such as Storm and Ken Swift at.  Those years were crucial to the scene.  We found out how big and small the world really was.  Big in the sense of how long it took to get from the west coast to Europe and small in the sense of when we got there folks already knew who we were.  It was mind blowing.  So fast forward to today and this episode of the Mighty 4 TV celebrates 5 years of the project.  With each video you see CULTURE not just breakin not just some highlighted move or flavor of the month CULTURE.  You have to study these videos cause some of the stuff revealed in these episodes you might not get the first time around but best believe one day you will be sitting back having a convo with someone and it will hit you….HEY I heard that before and most likely it will be from a Mighty 4 TV Episode.  So check it out soak it in and remember to subscribe so future episodes you will get the notice for on youtube.  And check out the Master Culture site while your at it to and cop some gear support the movement….
“Celebrating 5 years of MIGHTY4 TV!! NEW episode featuring Mighty4 Day 2012 Union City, Flow Mo Crew 10th Year Anniversary (Finland) & interview w/ Karima Aktuel Force(France)

Thank you to everyone who has supported MIGHTY4 across the planet for the last 14 years! One Love.”



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