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Tuesday 09th February 2016,
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Red Bull BC One Live Broadcast by CROS1

Red Bull BC One Live Broadcast by CROS1

So its that time of year again Red Bull BC One Finals is upon us.  Its a trip that this time last year I was getting flown out to Russia to just check out the Red Bull BC One and on a whim got asked to do the commentary so figuring I had nothing else to do Officially except watch I might as well try my hand at it.  Worked out well as the good folks at Red Bull offered me a position to continue it during the Qualifications Worldwide this year and return for the finals in Rio De Janeiro.  I know some folks are like “Why Commentary for bboying?” well to answer your question Bboys aren’t the only folks watching Red Bull BC One.  And some of these people have no idea what it entails to even be a bboy.  So myself and Quikstep offer a little insight to what a general person is watching and also catch the little intricacies that some people may not catch.  Some people may catch everything we do and know just as much or possibly even more then we do.  But at the end of the day not everyone is like that chosen few.  Same reason why Football, Baseball, Bowling, Gymnastics, Ballroom Dancing, Archery, shoot just about anything and everything that involves a TV component has commentary.  So taking breakin to the next step this is one of the steps in the process.  Some like it some don’t but the fact of the matter is that its there for all to enjoy.  We try and make it a little on the fun side as well so its not always serious business.  And being that we are one of the first of its kind to do this we are still learning as we go along as well.  So hopefully you offer up some constructive criticism on what you like and what you don’t like.  I can always be reached at my social media pages if you dont know heres a list of them….


The 2012 season of Red Bull BC One, the most important 1-on-1 B-Boy championship in the world, is about to crown the best B-Boy on the planet! After 60 global cyphers and six regional qualifiers, the journey will conclude in Rio de Janeiro, home of the 2012 World Final. This is one online event you’re not going to want to miss! Prepare to be amazed by the skill, strength and strategy of the top 16 competitors today as they battle it out for the crown.

Rio de Janeiro is known for its beauty and for launching music and dance trends throughout the country and the world. The Brazilian Ginga is a mix of lifestyle and attitude among people from Rio, has become a way of life and also found its way into the dance style of the Brazilian B-Boys.

8 PM Local Time
The event will remain live for seven days.


AREX (Colombia)
DIFFER (South Korea)
DOMkey (USA)
ExacT (formerly ALKOLIL) (Russia)
HILL (Mexico)
ISSEI (Japan)
JUNIOR (France)
KLESIO (Brazil)
LIL ZOO (Morocco)
MOUNIR (France)
SHORTY FORCE (South Korea)
SLAV (Bulgaria)
SUNNI (England)

Moy (USA)
Neguin (Brazil)
Niek (The Netherlands)
Storm (Germany)
Taisuke (Japan)


So the day of the broadcast will be December 8th taking place in Rio De Janeiro at 8pm Brazil Standard Time.  Please calculate what time that will be fore you here

Some sample times West Coast will start at 2pm.  East Coast 5pm.

to RSVP and get a reminder on Facebook click down below….

Also the day of we will be broadcasting it live on this page here player should show up prior to the event….

or you can just click to on the day of the event as well….

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