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Tuesday 09th February 2016,
Freestyle Session

Rest in Peace Gerald Casterlow – Rock Force Crew

Rest in Peace Gerald Casterlow – Rock Force Crew
“What can I say about my brother Gerald. Very few people in this world can capture the attention of an entire bboy community. This brother Gerald was the talk of the world in 98. From winning BOTY 98 with his crew Rock Force to winning Rock Steady Anniversary innovating moves that people the world over got inspired from. In 99 he suffered a gun shot to the head that nearly took his life. He came back and regained alot of his moves that he had before the incident. He came and stayed with me and the homies down in my Spring Valley home to train. Gerald was a kind soul always down to play some video games, laugh and dance. He also liked going to the movies by himself lol we used to tease him for doing that at the pad. It was a pleasure knowing him and his legacy will forever live on. Gerald rest up homie your gonna need it hitting them cyphers with the other greats that are up there with you….Please tell Pablo I said wasup and many of the other fallin soldiers… Rest in Peace Gerald Casterlow aka BBOY GERALD from the Almighty Rock Force Crew.” – Chris CrosOne Wright

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